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We do not wish to fashion our wines to any specific style, but rather allow them their time and space to reach their own individual potential, referenced through terroir, soil character and vintage. Vintner handwork, obliged to old tradition, orients itself to the art of paying close attention to the work done in the vineyard and then allowing wine to make itself in the cellar.

All our vineyards are worked from a biodynamic viewpoint, to develop the highest possible vitality in the soil, the vine and the resulting wines. Along with applying the basic principles of biodynamics, we work along with the rhythms and impulses of planet constellations. After close examination, which direction the wine trade has taken in the last few years, the question presents itself, what message does this cultural heritage have to offer us today?

Global industrial uniformity continues to expand in the wine sector, oriented to consumer demand and prize-winning awards, non-eventful cellar technique, producing wine that tastes the same each and every year (standardization) in however wished quantity. On the other hand, there are handmade wines with individuality and character, wines with soul. These demand, however, a different approach.

We decided on the second approach. In our time and day, honest and courage are requiered, as well as questioning oneself to the reasons and legitimacy of this course of action. It makes sense and joy to produce this higher quality. Only true and authentic wine makes for more enjoyment of wine consumption, more enjoyable taste and heightened sense-awareness.

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