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Rocky, clay and silt soil dominate the steep, hand-worked slopes of the vineyards. They lay in an altitude of 430 - 470 metres above sea level. The character of our wines stems from this unique location.


Situated in this "illyric" microclimate, weak continental, warm summer and mildly cold winter influences play their role. The influence of the Koralpe (naerby high mountain plateau region), with cool nights and winds, is mainly responsible for the character of our wines.


The vines grow on lime soil, composed of clay silt, which, in their solid form are known here as "Opok". This soil produces warm wines with varietal aroma character.

Vine nurturing

Walking through the vineyards, you will notice a somewhat different picture. The vines look a bit more wild and primitive with our single wire trellising, a reflection of the original method of vine trellising. The vines rise high along chestnut wood posts and branch out at approximately 1.80 metres height. The one-year canes hang down from the wire. Our forefathers developed this practise, which is best suited to our soils and regional climatic conditions. It allows a harvest of physiologically highly matured grapes.

Most important criteria in the vineyard

- Our most important concern is to build soil and vine vitality. To attain harmonic balance between soil, vine and surrounding, we use biodynamic along with other methods. These stem from their founder, Rudolf Steiner. Along with this is the potentising and spreading of plant, mineral and animal substances, taking planetary constellations into consideration. We are members of the Demeter biodynamic association.

- Consequent non-use of fertilisers, herbicides and synthetic plant protection substances. Cluster thinning is partially nature generated, partly done by hand. Our goal is small berry, highly aromatic grape material as the basis for full character and complex wines.

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